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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

A building has at least two lives...the one imagined by its maker and the life it lives afterwards -- and they are never the same. Rem Koolhaas, Dutch Architect

Think about that for a minute. In my years of working with customers to get their perfect building, it's never 'just a building.' For me, I'm honored to be part of their creative process for their future plan. And any input I may have is based solely upon the information they relay to me as to the 'how, what, why, and when' this has all come about.

You may not realize there is a deeper level of consideration when you set out to purchase a building. Whether it be a portable storage shed, a barn for livestock or hay, a shell for a home, or a garage to house cars and trucks, the evaluation process can span weeks or even months. I've never met anyone who walked into my office and said, "Hi, I think I'll buy a building today just for fun!" Granted it might be the easiest sale on earth, but I would be shaking my head and wondering if they'd been hit in the head!

The "idea" of a building usually comes from a need or want. Well, thank you, Captain Obvious! What I mean is that most people plan their purchase around their need for space - household storage, wanting a hide-a-way, providing a family gathering place or an animal sanctuary, but their willingness to spend money on a larger ticket item is not from impulse; it's careful thinking and cautious planning.

When I work with a customer, I like to know what they will be using the building for because it really gets my mind visualizing solutions that will fit their need. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want and sometimes they don't. I'm supposed to be someone they can trust to guide them through the entire process and answer their questions to the best of my knowledge. It's kind of like putting a puzzle together and when all the pieces fit, it makes for a happy customer and that makes me happy! The best compliment a customer can give to me is to refer me to someone they know who is shopping for a building.

It's a great feeling to know I've helped them get what they want and both of us are pleased after the building is completed. A relationship has been established and that's meaningful to me; I like getting to know people. For me, success and satisfaction came with the journey we took to get the building. For them, the real fun begins when they get to utilize their building for whatever purpose they intended. They dreamed it, they got it, and now they get to enjoy it!

Because, you see, it's never just a building.

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