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RV Cover - Yay or Nay? You bet Yay!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

If you have an RV, you know it requires care and maintenance. Keeping the RV in excellent condition for travel, cleaning it for your use (or guest's use if you rent it out), and protecting it from the weather are just a few facts RV owners know well or find out quickly! Let's focus on these three for now. Read on...

Keeping the RV in excellent condition for travel can get costly and can also be a challenge for do-it-yourselfers. My husband is a DIY'er. He can be found lying on the concrete driveway examining the underneath workings of the camper and making sure everything is in tip-top shape and, if not, he's off to the hardware store to get parts to fix it. I'm thankful he's a handy guy who can fix stuff! Inside the RV is another area that requires attention if something is not working - lights, a/c unit, fridge (if you've got one) and, of course, THE BATHROOM! Not every fix is costly and not every fix is quick. Having a place to do the necessary work and be protected from the elements is critical if you're a DIY'er, But even if you don't do the fixing, your RV still needs to be protected from the elements that can cause significant damage.

Cleaning the RV is a maintenance step that must be done if you want to keep little rascals from invading your space and chewing up couches, cabinets, and comforters! Mice are not our friends and it doesn't take much for them to feel welcome to help themselves to a full meal deal chomping away at functioning parts (like hoses!) and decorative items (like foam cushions!) The cost of replacing any of this can be VERY EXPENSIVE! It's not like you can just order from Campers-R-Us and get a quick replacement for your specific item; some of these are customized and you have to go to the Neiman Marcus of RV stores to purchase them. Cleaning is painstaking at worst, but is highly beneficial.

Does your RV sit in the open? Is it parked under trees for protection from the weather? Do you store it off of your property? I can't tell you how often I see campers parked under trees in people's yards and the tree goo and bird poo are plentiful on the roofs! Have you ever priced the cost of replacing a roof on an RV? It's not like a house where you can take off the existing shingles and put new ones on (yes, I'm making that sound simpler than it is). You basically have to partially skin the camper and pray the whole time you don't have water damage and rot. If you do, your budget just hit the roof!

When it's hot in Texas, it's H-O-T! Sliding under and back out from under a camper or trekking inside and out multiple times to test repairs, can get aggravating and tense. Cleaning an RV isn't fun, but knowing it has to be done can be less painful if you're not having to do it when it's super steamy outside or raining. Having a cover over your RV is a small price to pay considering what you may have paid for it to begin with. The roof can take a beating under the sun, trees, hail and nature's flying feathered friends. An RV garage can go even further to keeping your precious outdoor entertainment vehicle from suffering irreparable damage over time. One season may not produce readily visible harm, but it doesn't take long for deterioration to set in and remember, it never goes in reverse. It'll only keep getting worse. The upfront cost of getting an RV cover, a partially enclosed unit, or a fully enclosed RV garage is well worth it when you consider the price you paid to become an RV owner. Even more than this, the expenses that can be minimized because you spent the cost of protecting your investment early on, is a win-win for you as the owner and a double win-win should you decide to sell the RV down the road.



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